måndag 19 oktober 2009

The Big Swedes

Saxat från http://www.elcapreport.com/content/elcap-report-101609: Salathe/Freerider: The strong Swedish team of Petter and Stefan are at the front of the line on this popular route. They are going for a free ascent of the Salathe, via the Monster variation, and were seen several days ago working the Headwall. They cruised the Monster and were last seen on ECS.
The big Swede Petter making the traverse to the Monster crack look too easy."

...och från 101809: "I did talk to the powerful Swedish Team , Petter and Stefan today, and they said the high humidity and moist condition of the cracks made going for the Salathe free climb out of the question. They did send the Teflon corner after a couple of tries and climbed off on Freerider, sending that route, but were somewhat disappointed that the Headwall was out of condition. You would be hard pressed to find a couple of nicer guys, or better climbers!"

Mer finns att läsa på: http://www.elcapreport.com/content/elcap-report-101609


lördag 3 oktober 2009

Efter Lidingöloppet

Familjen Massih fick besök av Hilde, Oskar och Hanna förra helgen. Mycket vin och kött. Blåsigt och skönt hela helgen. Oskar förevigas när han cruisar Kilroy 8+(7c+) nat på Dyviksudde, Tyresö.