måndag 28 juni 2010

Hard work

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Well, back home from my combined work and climbing trip to France and Switzerland which by the way was great, who says you shouldn't combine buisness and pleasure.  First sales meeting with Five Ten in Chamonix and then a week of climbing i the Briancon area. After that it was time for the next meeting in Dornach in Switzerland, this time with BD. Now back in Stockholm and have been working for a few days and had a few days of holiday in between when we went over to Åland to celebrate midsummer. Bouldering at Geta and cragging at Skålberget, a crag developed quite a few years ago by Rickard Hedman. Now back home for a few (2) days for work and then back over to Åland again. And at last i figured out how to change the blogging page from the default front page. Now I should be ready to launch this blog thing in to the public.


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fredag 11 juni 2010


Things have been pretty hectic for the last couple of weeks. Åland was great, checked out a a few new areas and had a brushing session on Sunday. Cleaned up this beautiful hanging arete. Have to come to a decision weather to put in some bolts or to maintain the bolt free character of the area and keep it bold. I'll deal with that later. Last weekend I headed down to Chamonix for 5.10s european sales meeting. So psyched to work with this company. The climbing shoe line for 2011 looks wicked, nice new models and updates of already existing ones. The colours could be better but they're still a work in progress. Got a nice run in the hills outside Cham in the morning, the had some meetings, went bouldering among the granite blocks in La Bossons, got pumped, got scared, got up, met an old friend, had a good laugh and just made it back to our hotel, les Aiglons in time for a great dinner with all the guys and gals at 5.10.
After the meeting I hooked up with an old friend of my wife, David who's been living in Swizzy and now in Briancon for the last couple of years. Driving down from cham was a sprayfest with David giving his point of wiew on everybody that climbs mountains with fixed ropes and supplementary oxygen. Somewhere on the way he lost his voice. I have no idea how that could have happened but i could have something to do with alcohol and smoke. Anyway, I'm staying with him and his hospitable wife Camilla and their son Milton.

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Sports climbing down here i awesome. Small areas but all different and really nice. My finger is working OK even though I'm trying, not very well though, to be careful. Last day on out of four we went to Ceuse, a not so small and rather well known area. Climbing the previous three days and little sleep lot had taken it's toll and by the end of the day I was getting pumped after three moves and wasn't recovering even on the biggest jugs. Resting today is a blessing.