tisdag 25 maj 2010

Master of procrastination

[caption id="attachment_69" align="alignleft" width="384" caption="Tidal wave, Skälefjäll in Bohuslän. Photo: Stefan Wulf"][/caption]

A few weeks ago, I said jokingly to my wife that I've got so much things to do I need to get injured. Spring climbing season is at it's prime and I find it hard to get all these small things done. They just pile up. Well, as we say in Sweden, it arrived like a letter in the mailbox, I tweeked my finger. Just a little, just enough to remind me that I'm getting old and should listen to my body and learn when to rest. But after that particular day of climbing my finger was swollen and not in it's usual shape. Wine, meat, habanero sause and beer at Postman's and Maja's place in Bohuslän numbed the sensation, but the next day I found myself crimping on wet slopers. Just the medicine. Anyhow, finger situation is not ideal, and I got time to start ticking of things from my non-climbing related tick-list. One proj was to create a new personal Site/blog thing. And here we are. Not even close to done, but at least it's working.  Now finger is working decently and psych is up. Tomorrow: Åland!

Jah Bless


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